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Vehicles break down it is just that simple, and if you happen to be in the middle of a busy highway or on a deserted strip of highway in the middle of the night, you want someone that you can depend on to get there fast. You can count on Kenny’s West Chester Towing to get wherever you are in the West Chester PA area fast no matter what time of day or night.

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Great Service

Jan 02, 2015 by Dale MacDonald

My C6 corvette's battery was completely dead, and the emergency manual trunk cable was not connected, meaning I could not get into the car to open the hood to get it jumped (as the car is completely electronic). Chevrolet said the only other way of getting the car jumped was to have it raised and jump it off the starter (which would be difficult as the car was lowered). Kenny came out and after looking into options was able to trigger the internal manual lever to get us in, and then took over an hour getting the car to power up as the battery would not start the car even with a jump. Excellent, Excellent service - we're now placing Kenny's number into my wife and children's cell phone in the event we ever need road side service, as he's a person I know I can rely on (even when the situation is a real challenge). Thanks Ken.
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Towing Service in West Chester PAWith over 21 years of experience in the business we know how frightening it can be to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. We offer high quality, fast and reliable auto repair and towing services to all of our customers in West Chester PA and the surrounding areas. Our staff provides an unparalleled level of service for both the residential and the commercial markets.

Contractors use our services for:
- Getting heavy equipment to job sites
- Hauling forklifts, scissor lifts to be repaired

Auto dealers can use our service for:
- Transporting vehicles from one dealership to another
- Jump starts
- Lockout Service
- Roadside Assistance
- Vehicle towing

Residential customers use our services for many reasons such as:
- Lockout services
- Flat tire changes
- Jump starts
- 24-Hour Emergency Service
- Roadside Assistance
- Towing

Roadside Assistance in West Chester PAPrivate property owners choose to our towing service because we have been in the towing service for years helping to ensure that vehicles follow the parking lot rules.

Our hard working staff members can provide numerous services ranging from the occasional jump start to hauling big trucks. Here at Kenny’s West Chester Towing we never want you to be stranded again, no matter what time of day or night, and regardless of the type of vehicle you’re driving. That’s why we offer emergency services round the clock. Give Kenny’s West Chester Towing a call today at (610) 488-2948 and you will get instant roadside assistance.

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Sep 26, 2014 by Claudia

Kenny was my angel last night. I hit some debri on 76 W and had a flat tire at 1AM. I called my roadside assistance company and they dispatched someone to come out to assist. I waited and waited and one came. I called the tow service company information I was given- no answer. I tried several times to get the lugnuts off to do it myself but had no luck. So now it's the middle of the night- my service tells me that they cannot find anyone to come out to assist and to call the police to have them send someone to assist- i would have to pay for it and then be reimbursed. So I do so, the police give me more phone numbers to call to try to get some assistance. Not even 2 minutes later, low and behold a tow truck pulls up behind me at 3:30am on a busy highway and it's Kenny. He had me on the road in no time. I was so happy, I was a woman on the side of the road in the middle of the night. I have Kenny's card and will be using him again in the future. Thanks again!


Jul 18, 2014 by Shanda McCain

My car broke down on Paoli Pike in West Chester. It was my starter. My husband who usually works on my car couldn't reach the started due to a tool he needed. It was getting late(approx 8pm) and We called Kenny and not only did he come and get the car quickly, he towed it to A&P Auto Body who put a new starter on the car (which we had already had) for a VERY GOOD PRICE and had my car finished and ready by morning. I would use Kennys West Chester Towing and A&P ANYTIME!!! Thanks so much to you both!!!

Really Quick

Jul 17, 2014 by Liz

I got in an accident today and while the cops took 30 minutes to get there me and my friend called Kenny and he was there in 15 ready to take my car. He is really awesome and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone out there who want's fast and friendly service.!

Kenny is the greatest!!!!

Jan 14, 2014 by Ted & Robin

We hit a HUGH pothole on 202N last Saturday night and our right front tire blew out. It was pouring rain, my wife is arthritic and no longer can change tires and I haven't changed a tire in years. While I was on the phone to AARP in India, my wife called Kenny. He arrived within 15 minutes and what a great guy!!! Beyond highly recommended, Kenny is a great guy and we're referring him to all of our friends. Many thanks Kenny, you truly care about helping people and it was evident to us. We will never forget that night. First class service from a first class gentleman. See you in the spring for body work! Best regards, Ted & Robin

Saved the day!

Nov 27, 2013 by Rachel

I called Kenny's for a friend who was in distress to say the least. She was going through a lot and I decided to call around. Kenny's was my second call after being told by the first they had no one to send out. Kenny listened to my concern and went to "check it out". He helped her quickly and in the rain! I will be calling Kenny from now on!

Kenny's West Chester Towing 610-488-2948 1607 Highland Ave West Chester PA, 19380 USA 0.0 0.0 0 0 Reviews for my site

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